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The Zoholics community is made up of customers and partners at Zoho Corporation, a well-known provider of cloud-based software solutions for businesses. The Zoholics community aims to link users with other Zoho customers and industry experts while also helping them make the most of Zoho’s products. The conference has grown in size and recognition since it started happening yearly in 2008.
Founded in 1996 by Tony Thomas and Sridhar Vembu, the Zoho Corporation. The company was originally known as AdventNet, a software development company with a focus on network management tools. In 2005, the company released Zoho Office Suite, a set of cloud-based productivity tools designed to compete with Google Suite and Microsoft Office.
The software solution portfolio of Zoho consists of more than 45 programmes, ranging from project management and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to accounting and invoicing programmes. With more than 60 million customers worldwide, Zoho is a well-known innovator in the cloud software market.
The inaugural Zoholics conference was held in Chennai, India, in 2008. The conference’s goal was to bring together customers of Zoho’s software products and business technology experts so they could share best practises and discuss recent market trends.
The conference has grown in size and popularity over time as attendees from all over the world converge to learn more about the variety of software solutions offered by Zoho and how they can be used to improve business operations. The conference is now hosted in several places throughout the world, including those in the United States, Europe, and Asia.
The keynote talks, breakout sessions, and workshops at Zoholics are all focused on the software options offered by Zoho. They get the opportunity to connect with other Zoho users and experts in the field of business technology.
Executives from Zoho typically deliver keynote talks at the conference in addition to thought leaders and titans of the industry. Numerous topics are covered in breakout sessions and seminars, including product demonstrations, the best ways to use Zoho software, and emerging market trends.
Attendees can participate in hands-on training sessions in addition to the conference sessions to learn how to use Zoho’s software solutions to improve business operations. To ask questions and provide comments on the programme, they can also speak with a Zoho representative in person.
One of the unique features of Zoholics is the “Zoho Clinic,” where attendees may have one-on-one consultations with Zoho consultants to discuss their specific company needs and how Zoho’s software solutions can help them achieve their goals.
Over the years, Zoholics has become a significant event for both customers of Zoho’s software solutions and industry experts in business technology. At the conference, attendees may network with other Zoho users and business experts while also learning about the most recent trends and industry best practises.
Zoholics is evidence of Zoho’s dedication to its users and to providing cutting-edge cloud-based software solutions that assist companies of all sizes in streamlining their processes and boosting productivity. It is anticipated that Zoholics will continue to be a key event for users and industry experts in the realm of business technology as Zoho expands and diversifies its offering of software products.
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