Zoho’s 80 million users

We’re thrilled to offer comprehensive Zoho knowledge. Such business solutions as Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Creator, and others are provided by this cloud-based software company. Since its establishment in 1996, Zoho has served businesses of various sizes and industries; as of 2023, the company has more than 80 million users worldwide.
Zoho prioritises customer satisfaction and employs a variety of strategies to maintain its loyal customer base. This newsletter will look at the methods Zoho uses to keep its consumers interested and satisfied.

Zoho’s Continuous innovation

Zoho is committed to innovation, and the company regularly adds new features and functionalities to its products to ensure that its customers always have access to the most modern tools and technologies. By keeping up with the most latest trends and technology, Zoho can provide its clients cutting-edge solutions that let them optimise their operations and achieve their goals.
For instance, Zoho just unveiled Zoho Workplace, a set of productivity and collaboration tools that includes email, chat, video conferencing, and more. Organisations may use Zoho Workplace to stay connected and productive whether they are based in the office or working remotely.

Abundant resources

To ensure that users are getting the most out of its products, Zoho provides a multitude of resources. These tools include written materials, instructional videos, and an employee-staffed help forum.
The extensive documentation provided by Zoho covers all facets of its products, from basic setup to cutting-edge capabilities. Customers who like to learn by watching can also greatly benefit from the business’ video training. Another helpful tool is the Zoho support forum, where users may ask questions, exchange advice, and receive assistance from other users and Zoho personnel.

Personalized assistance

Customers who require it may get individualized help from Zoho, which guarantees that any problems are fixed fast and effectively. The Zoho support team is available round-the-clock by phone, email, and chat, and the business has a strict policy requiring support requests to be answered within a specific amount of time.
Customers who wish to learn more about Zoho’s products can access personalized training sessions and the company’s standard support options. The professionals at Zoho lead these training sessions, which may be tailored to each client’s individual requirements.

Discounts and promotions

To reward loyal clients and entice them to keep using its products, Zoho routinely offers promotions and discounts. These reductions on subscriptions, free upgrades, and exclusive access to new features are only a few of the many possible variations of these promos.
For instance, Zoho recently conducted a promotion that gave businesses impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak a free year of Zoho One, its all-in-one suite of business tools. This offer showed Zoho’s dedication to assisting its clients and helped numerous businesses survive a trying period


In conclusion, Zoho’s dedication to customer satisfaction has enabled the firm to establish itself as a top supplier of cloud-based business solutions and cultivate a devoted user base. Zoho has aided companies of all sizes and sectors in streamlining their operations and achieving their objectives thanks to its more than 60 million users globally.
The strategies utilized by Zoho to keep consumers are centered on ongoing innovation, abundant resources, individualized service, and promotions and discounts. Zoho has maintained customer engagement and satisfaction by adhering to these rules, and the business continues to invest in new tools and resources to ensure its customers are content and productive.
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